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Truffes noisette Chocolat Payraud
Truffes Pistache Chocolat Payraud
Truffes Coco Chocolat Payraud
Truffes 70% Chocolat Payraud
Truffes 66 % Chocolat Cappucino Payraud
Truffes BIO Chocolat Payraud

New design  for our truffles Collection

In keeping with tradition and respect for its history, Payraud Chocolate is proud to provide fine products lovers with a carefully selected range of chocolates, macarons and gel fruits  and many other gourmet specialties, as treats for yourself or gifts to others.

With hundreds of items, the range of Payraud products gives you the possibility to join the private circle of the most expert gourmets, and access the multiple sensual delights of a brand that has always been maintaining a genuine savoir-faire in the most subtle flavours, the most delicate atmospheres and the most flamboyant parties.

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